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When you are facing the aftermath of a serious accident and your future on the line, you want to find others you can trust to help you through this difficult situation. At The Kamell Lawyers Group, our aim is to be a trusted resource for you during your time of crisis.

With a history of handling thousands of injury cases in a span of 33 years, our law firm has extensive experience handling cases in and out of the court, and we are formidably equipped to help you receive fair compensation for your accident injuries.

About Rafik Kamell

Rafik Y. Kamell is the founder of The Kamell Lawyers Group. He has been in the practice of law for over 33 years. He is known for his extensive legal knowledge and has a perfect record with the State Bar of California. He has been highly spoken colleagues in his profession who regularly refer their own cases to him. He has been a senior associate attorney with  prestigious law firms, including Girardi & Keese who handled the famous Erin Brockovich case and the $4.8 billion dollars settlement of the Vioxx case. Mr. Kamell was also served as the Senior Associate Attorney for the prestigious law firm in Los Angeles of Richard Reinjohn III.

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The Kamell Lawyers Group is well-equipped to handle a variety of car accident cases ranging in scope and complexity with empathy, practiced guidance and resolve. Whether you’re in a catastrophic car accident, motorcycle crash or truck collision, you will have an ally by your side when taking your case to court.

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