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Being Proactive After Your Car Accident

After an injury, there may be an assortment of thoughts inside your head. Depending on the severity of the injury, these may include worries about paying medical expenses, the quality of life now and in the future or missing out on your income for taking care of yourself and your family. Although there is enough on your mind, you can take several steps if you decide to pursue legal action in the future.

Preparing For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the event of an injury, it is to your benefit to provide as much as you can to answer the following questions about your accident:

  • What exactly happened with the incident that initiated your legal process?
  • How were you hurt by this incident?

These questions are very likely to appear in every step of the process and are useful to refer back to, especially in more complex cases.

If possible, one of the most effective ways to record what has happened is through notes, pictures, videos, and all crucial evidence to build a strong case. It may be hard if you’re severely injured or would prefer to avoid reliving the events, but it will help if your goal is to achieve the desired compensation.

While notes are one of the first steps and very important to the entire process, a seasoned personal injury attorney like those at The Kamell Lawyers Group is able to utilize your notes and use  them in court to fight for you.

We Are Ready To Handle Your Case

Many personal injury cases are solved by settling out of court or in the pre-litigation phase through a mediation. Some may even be settled before a formal process begins. In these cases, the plaintiff forfeits their right to pursue further legal action for a sum of money agreed upon by both parties involved. Otherwise, the case will get taken to court and both sides will have the opportunity to explain their position to a judge and jury. The Kamell Lawyers Group never retreats from Litigation if and when insurances companies unreasonably attempt to low ball the value of a claim.

The attorneys at The Kamell Lawyers Group have a history of practicing cases both in and out of  court. We have the foresight on when to settle and when to litigate. We are committed and effective at maximizing the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive. We are here to help with numerous types of motor vehicle crash injury claims, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Motorcycle injuries
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Airplane accidents
  • Work vehicle crash injuries
  • Fire injuries and burns

Motor vehicle accidents can involve complex products liability or premises liability issues. We can help you protect your rights to include those types of claims in your lawsuit. Contact us today or call us on our 24-hour emergency line at 714-242-4730 for a free consultation if you live in southern California and are looking to start the legal process for your car accident injuries.