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Navigating Automotive Accidents

It can be challenging to figure out what to do if you are involved in a car accident. These accidents are often sudden, unpredictable and messy in the aftermath when it comes to information and solutions. While healing and recovery are likely at the forefront of your mind in the event of such an accident, it is important to remember other steps in the process if you are able to, including:

  • Staying at the scene and making sure that everyone involved is safe or receiving medical attention
  • Exchanging information with the other parties involved or calling the police if the damage is significant
  • Informing your insurance company of the incident
  • Keeping a record of the aftermath including photos, insurance records and medical treatment if any
  • Being wary of talking about the accident or accepting any settlements before speaking with an attorney

Our attorneys at The Kamell Lawyers Group offer valuable advice and counsel if you are facing an injury after a car accident. We can listen to your situation and work with you to prepare a solution that suits you and your loved ones.

How Can I Tell If I Have An Injury From A Car Accident?

Although some car accidents may be a minor fender bender and not cause any long-term injuries, many others can cause catastrophic damages to those involved, some being fatal. While an injury greatly varies from situation to situation, it is important to note any changes or consult a doctor after an accident. If in doubt, get checked!

Most serious injuries, like head, spine or chest trauma, occur immediately after an accident. However, some may not be evident until days, or even weeks, later after the accident has taken place. Even if the pain is minor, it is beneficial to see a doctor immediately if you notice symptoms or discomfort after being involved an accident.

Emotional damage is also common after a car accident for both passengers and witnesses. In the case of post-traumatic stress disorder or any other psychological pain, seeking a therapist or counselor can be a valuable step in the process of recovery.

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